Frequently Asked Questions

  Please view the questions / answers carefully to know the entire structure of the platform.



     1. - What is BrainShare LTD


We are a private company that strives to earn through targeted profits (from the sharing fees to the advertising) with revenue sold / inserted by our partners, we also operate through small forex maneuvers controlled and by a powerful casino software we tested where we manage to achieve a good result. We give the possibility to rent limited profit packages to every customer who has the right to receive a share of our commercial profit every hour.


     1.1 - Type of the Site


We are not a bank or any type of financial institution. We have an accumulated base capital where we started with the first works.
We collect financial deposits from our members to supplement our revenue but at the same time we offer constant earnings based on our own efforts.


     1.2 - BrainShare LTD is a HYIP / REVSHARE program?

We want to call ourselves hybrid for the question of good yield but not excessive earnings, with an average duration in terms of pack contract! We do not operate according to a Ponzi scheme. We have all the material to have good long-term sustainability.


     1.3 - BrainShare LTD is a Ponzi / HYIP / Pyramide scheme


Absolutely not! We sell rental shares with a constant average profit based on the quality of the work. We simply share the revenue across our network with members who rent packages and at the same time divide the revenue by the participants who sponsor their business. A Ponzi scheme is simply a system that pays members from the income generated by new members.
Our policy lies in the fact that if we were to have even a short difficulty during our return on investment in some way during the payment process we could resort to reserve funds where we would be able to return easily with the expense. Our resources generate enough revenue to pay our members and our team at the same time.



     2. - Can I join for free?


We do not apply any membership fees to take advantage of our services.


     2.1 - Can I have more than one account?

No, it is NOT ALLOWED to own more than one account. Each account must have its own unique payment address - data etc .. Note that only 1 account per person is allowed, all accounts that are on the same IP (same 2nd account, same family, company sub-accounts etc.) - THEY CANNOT REFER TO THE REFERENCE WITH EVERYONE ELSE. So you can create any account from the same IP but these accounts cannot be related to each other. This is a trick of the referral commission (... we cannot verify who is behind the same IP ...), therefore all those who violate this rule - your account will be banned from our system without any refund and notice. (Our anti-cheat protection in the script always informs us of: same IP, same type of IP, related accounts, passwords etc. - This way we can immediately see these anomalies!) Thanks for your understanding - this rule will help our plan to improve success in the future!


     2.2 - Do I have to rent contracts / packs to earn?

Yes, you need! You can earn even by sponsoring our company through your account you will have all the material to promote on (social - blog - youtube etc.). Our powerful system also allows you to buy advertising space at a good cost from the section (Directory ads) and you can view much of the material that our members publish and at the same time earn revenue by visiting the advertisers' sites. This will help to contribute and generate extra money.


     2.3 - What other ways are there to earn?

You can make money from our system very easily. There are (for now only 2 ways):

- Rent packs and earn an hourly / daily / monthly share of our income.
- Profitable affiliate program in the industry and offer commissions of 5-2-1% on all rental / advertising payments.                     

+ NOTE : (The system calculates the referral commission only during the purchase action Pack / Advertising).


     2.4 - What type of Pack / Contract do you offer to customers?

 We have set, based on the earnings of each individual user, a purchase limit for contracts:


     2.5 - Do I have to view the ads to earn?

Yes. Every 24 hours, 10 advertisements (BP5) - not required (BP20) must be displayed through the (surf pack) for 8 seconds.
This is to ensure your participation in the program and an income generated by our sponsor, at the same time this strategy gives the opportunity to view announcements of members who pay the advertising service.
(We always recommend that you display at least 1-2 ads per day in your Directory / Ad site to contribute to our / your growth.



     2.6 - How can I check the balances of my accounts?

You can always access your account 24/7/365 on the Internet.


     3. - What kind of work does BrainShare LTD?

We confirmed our private activities through our main page, mainly we have income from fixed investments (40% advertising sponsors) - (5% forex) - (25% casinos mainly roulette with private software) - (30% external investments medium risk / low activity for the private sale of food products).


     3.1 - Can I advertise on your site?

Yes, you have 3 ways to promote your business:



Banner ads they are shown on all our pages and subpages! (We have the dedicated section to consult all the announcements : DIRECTORY SURF ADS.


     3.2 - Is There a Refund Policy?


We have a limited refund policy.
From the moment you make the payment in the (purchase balance) you will have a maximum of 24 hours to open a ticket at our department: (enter the reason for the REFUND).
(Penalty for the refund request may vary from 30 ~ 40% withholding tax this may vary based on the working season)
All other purchases are NOT REFUNDABLE. Advertising package services and other options will not be available. However, in an effort to satisfy our customers, we personally handle every request within 48 hours.
We will process each request on a case by case basis. In case of problems, we ask you to send us an email BEFORE opening an external dispute with one of the payment processors and not to defame the project for anger or other reasons. Our end result is that we will work hard
to make everyone happy.


     3.3 - How long do the Packs / Contracts take to mature?

The contract includes the achievement of ROI BP5 - BP20 (120% / 144%) with continued work including weekdays.
From the base many calculations / tests we have established a low / average profit entry on an hourly / daily / monthly / yearly basis. 


     4. - What are the limits and withdrawal fees?

- It is possible to make (fast withdrawal) with a maximum allowed by the Fiat system € 20 for a total of € 100 every 24 hours,the Bitcoin processor max € 100 is processed in manual mode.
Deposits are free and the withdrawal fee is 2.80% (Perfect Money)- 3.00% (Payeer) -  4% (Bitcoin).
  You can request withdrawals when the balance reaches € 0,20 (Perfect Money) -  € 0,20 (Payeer) -  € 5.00 (Bitcoin).




     4.1 - Can I request withdraw without active profit pack?


Yes, you can but we recommend the purchase of at least 1 active contract to take advantage of our service without problems.


     4.2 - What payment methods do you accept?

Our payment service provider: Perfect Money -  Payeer - Bitcoin, it is a digital wallet based on cryptocurrencies. You can fund your account by sending us a payment via one of the e-currency gateways.


     4.3 - What are the accepted currencies?


We only accept EUR - Crypto in market availability also Gift Cards.



     4.4 - Are payments fiat instant?


Manual / instant, this means that 20% of the payment system will go automatic while 80% will be validated after the administrative checks by our department within the time limit 1 - 24 hours. (Exception for the Bitcoin processor 12-48 hours)


     4.5 - Payments cripto instant?

No, with the exception of the limits imposed previously, cryptographic payments have a different processing, this means that all requests that reach the minimum threshold will be queued, reviewed, processed manually within a maximum time of 12-48 hours by our team.


     4.6 - What are the payment terms?

It is necessary to correctly carry out the withdrawal procedure, all requests made in case of error are irreversible.
We make all payments every day except Saturday and Sunday on request. Every payment is monitored by our anti-fraud system.



                                              5. - How can I change the details of my payment?

You can edit it directly in the payment details section! If you want to change them (keep in mind that it is not advisable to change the receiving address more than 1 time), the system has powerful software that manages all the addresses and IPs. If a violation / scam attempt is detected by you, you are cautioned / expelled from BrainShare LTD.


     5.1 - What can I do if I forgot my password?


You can request a password reset, just Link

NOTE : If for any reason you are unable to recover your data through the '' password recovery '' system, contact our department via the dedicated channel and provide your data :'' Username - Mail - Name - Surname - Birth data - Country of residence '' lastly provide your secret password so that it can be entered manually in your account.
We remind you never to disclose your codes to anyone and to always activate double protection in your account.


         5.2 - What are the requirements to join BrainShare LTD?

Member must be 18 years of age or older to participate. Members must provide accurate, complete and updated registration information, including an accurate name and email address.


     5.3 - How can I increase the security of my account?


- BrainShare LTD is not responsible for any account hacking!
- Do not share your login, password and other personal information to third parties!
- Use complex passwords (numbers, letters, special characters)!
- Do not click on links in emails from questionable destinations!
- Enable Google 2FA.


     5.4 - What are the terms and restrictions?

- Your account will be deleted from the system. - Your money in your canceled account will be divided between active members.
We do not accept complaints about your account canceled after the deadline (365 days)!

- Powerful anti-cheat system installed on the platform, There will be no possibility to go back and make an appeal if 1 of the following rules is broken! it is strictly forbidden:

- The same payment address.
- Register with the same IP on the same day.                   


As communicated, we allow double registration on an IP address as long as it is your friend or relative.
If we suspect the registration and use of more than one dedicated account, you will be immediately banned without notice.