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BrainShare LTD is a private company that boasts a large amortization and earnings service with various investments in the market. Like other businesses with traditional principles, our company has long-term stability to make the most of the opportunities we have, while we manage and control the activities of our BrainShare LTD customers. We are not a hyip / ponzi but we manage a medium-term fund for investors; the safety of deposit funds is a top priority for the company that over time, your investments remain safe and continue to profit. Innovations and progress keep us going and allow us to keep up with the changing nature of the financial landscape. Working with the best experts on our team means constantly producing the best ideas. Over 3 years of testing and work before officially launching the platform for the public.


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Innovation and technology bind BrainShare LTD offering the world system the opportunity to work together and fight against the descending market. Over 3 years of testing and hard work to bring a safe solution in the field of online investments having had good results in diversification, by dividing our capital in the main activities we have achieved a satisfactory result. In this way we could mitigate the risk since we distributed only a part of our money in each system instead of risking everything in one place. That method worked for us! We have had enough of reliability and constant uncertainty! We wanted a stable and reliable source of income that would give others the opportunity to earn healthy passive income without worrying about their money. This was our mission in creating this website where profits are generated from a diversified portfolio.

Company Services

Revenue Sharing

Share company profits with a 100% innovative system, generating stable hourly earnings, complete with accurate statistics. Stable passive income with revenue from (Forex-Casino'-Advertsing-External Investments). Business sharing 120/144%. Medium term plans up to 0.10% hourly. Minimum withdrawals Perfect Money € 0,20 / Payeer € 0,20 / CoinPayments € 8,00 / Paypal € 10,00 .

Banner Ads

Advertise your business online with us! Many people will see your ad because of daily browsing needs. Geographical targeting, internal and external advertising, advanced settings and statistics.



Tell of the our advanced system to your friends and relatives, with our innovative sharing power earn your commission as a representative. We have 3 reference levels with which you can receive a constant and stable flow of money. (Direct line 5 % - Indirect 2 - 1 %) BrainShare LTD wishes you a good stay and a long success.

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  • Pack Price: €5
  • Maturity: 0.10% Hourly (120%)
  • Fixed Distribution For Day: 2.40%
  • Repurchase Percentage: 50/50
  • Banner Impressions: 2000
  • Visit on PTC Ads: 150
  • Referral Commission: 5-2-1%
  • Maximum Purchase Pack: 80
  • BP5 Packs Needed: 0
  • Surf ads: 10
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  • Pack Price: €20
  • Maturity: 0.06% Hourly (144%)
  • Fixed Distribution For Day: 1.40%
  • Repurchase Percentage: 70/30
  • Banner Impressions: 5000
  • Visit on PTC Ads: 300
  • Referral Commission: 5-2-1%
  • Maximum Purchase Pack: 230
  • BP5 Packs Needed: 80
  • Surf ads: Not required
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